Blind guides?

Apparently I’ve upset a priest of the church of England over my comments on the gay issue. Well, whoopie do. As a representative of that messed up institution, the person deserves to be upset – because the CofE is demonstrating that it really hasn’t got a clue. And because it doesn’t have a clue about this, it’s irrational to take it seriously about anything else.

The church has taught since the beginning that gay sexual relationships are to be avoided by Christians. This requires those who are same sex attracted who want to be faithful to Jesus to live celibately. This is not an easy choice – yet the church has taught it as mandatory. No alternatives; burn or burn as one might say…

And many have followed that teaching – at immense personal cost; years of painful loneliness. Struggling watching those in families are having a great time – or so it seems – and they are left outside. Yet it was done for God, out of obedience to Him, and the church taught this.

But now the opinion of the world has changed. Whereas once homosexuality was a dreadful practice – the ‘love that dare not speak its name’ – it’s now become acceptable to many. And the CofE has got all confused, doesn’t know what it believes, and is being torn between the way of the world including its rapidly declining but wealthy American franchisee, and the beliefs of Tradition and its growing plantings in the ‘South’. So it’s given permission – de facto – for its congregations to start to act how they like on this issue.

For some this has meant that they have been forced out of the church which they have attended for decades. Having once been supportive of their struggle to remain faithful to God, the leadership have now stabbed them in the back and told them they’ve been deceived. DECEIVED. Let’s be clear – that’s what it’s about. Someone here is a victim of deception. It’s either those who’ve been faithfully celibate over the years – or the next generation who are being told it’s fine to have a gay relationship. And our church leaders are either now deceiving or were deceiving. Yet they claim to speak for God…

And if the church can’t be trusted on this issue, why on earth should it be taken seriously on any issue. “We think poverty is a dreadful thing” But bishop, how can we believe you on this when you don’t know what you think about the gay issue? “When you die you go to a better place”. Really bishop? You sure? We’re supposed to believe you about this when you don’t know God’s will about the gay issue? And you get paid to be confused?

Didn’t Someone once warn about blind guides? And someone else propose that the proponents of all Christians getting circumcised should go the whole way and cut their penises off. Of course he’s the one who then wrote the wonderful hymn to love…

No people, we can’t agree to disagree nicely about this. One side or other is getting it howlingly wrong. One side or the other is hearing God wrongly. One side or the other are false prophets. One side or the other can no longer be trusted as faithful preachers of God’s word. And there’s no escape by claiming not to know the answer: that proves you don’t know God’s will, so can’t be taken seriously on anything. [Click the link for a biblical explanation of why neutrality and leadership won’t mix]

So, church leaders, this is your chance to prove that you’re obedient to the Word. Be clear about this; lead your people. And if this splits your church? That’s God’s problem, and He will look after you. Or you can demonstrate that you are merely a hireling. And remember; you’re calling the members of your congregation who are gay to lifelong celibacy, you’re merely being asked to risk your job. And don’t sulk when people take exception to your being unclear…


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