Qu’ran v Bible

The Qu’ran claims to be inspired instructions from the same God as the one who reveals himself in the Hebrew Bible. We should therefore expect that the two revelations will endorse the same attitudes at significant points. Yet once we start to look hard at the data, we find significant divergences. This series will look at some individually; the existence of these significant conflicts leads me to the belief that the spirit whom the Prophet of Islam encountered who identified himself as ‘Allah’ is not the God of Israel but an impostor.

Example 1

The Hebrew Bible prescribes a maximum sentence of 40 lashes. (Deut 25:3). The fact the Qu’ran has no similar restriction is one of the indications of its flawed nature; unlike the Torah, which imposes the restriction so that ‘your brother’ may not be degraded’ in your sight, the Qu’ran doesn’t care about the other.


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